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“One day in 2002, I had a dental emergency. A colleague raved about Dr. Beal and insisted I go see him. She was right. Dr. Beal is not only very knowledgeable, but also very personable. He is calm and reassuring, and always takes the time to make sure you understand what he is doing. He has a great sense of humor and loves listening to good music during treatments, which makes the visits far more enjoyable.


“Since that initial visit, he has done the routine examinations and fillings, as well as an emergency repair to a broken tooth. The work he has done on me is always excellent, but where I feel he really is a hero is for how he has helped my wife, Eileen.


“Eileen had always wanted to fix her teeth from an aesthetic standpoint, but was extremely afraid of dentists so hadn’t sought dental care. She decided to give Dr. Beal a try and he has far exceeded our expectations. We have since made a treatment plan to first make her mouth healthy and free of decay, and then work on the aesthetic aspect of her teeth. The way Dr. Beal explained everything has put both of us at ease. I have sat through every appointment with her and some of the things he did were amazing to see; the tools and equipment that Dr. Beal has at his disposal are extremely advanced. As a result of the treatment, not only does she have the look she wanted but her mouth is that much healthier.


“I am very grateful for the colleague who referred me to Dr. Beal, and I have done my part since by referring many of my coworkers. He and his friendly, competent staff make it comfortable and easy to get the dental care you need.” — Rachel S.


“In early 1980s, I needed some dental work done. My boss at that time introduced me to Dr. Beal, and I have been seeing him ever since. He is an excellent dentist; when he does a filling, it fits so well that you don’t even feel it.


“But it is more than just his technical proficiency that keeps me coming back: his friendliness, intellect, and humor turn what could be an unpleasant activity into an enjoyable one. For example, unlike other doctors’ offices that play a radio station over loudspeakers in the ceiling, Dr. Beal is very knowledgeable in the field of music and has a high-quality sound system in the treatment room. I often enjoy taking his recommendations and listening to a piece I have never heard before (just as long as it isn’t opera!). Now, of course you wouldn’t just pick a dentist based on his musical tastes, but when you can get top-quality care as well as an enjoyable experience, that just makes it all the better.


“Over the last 30 years, Dr. Beal has not just been my dentist, he has become a good friend. We have seen our children grow up, go to college, and get married. He is someone whose advice I value and trust. I am definitely glad that my boss introduced him to me and I have done the same with my wife, my brother, my staff, and the others I have sent his way.” — Masoud R.



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